Irenilza de Alencar Nääs


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de Alencar Nääs


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Agricultural Engineering College, State University of Campinas, Campinas 13083-970, Brazil


Selected Publications

  • NÄÄS, I. A.; MOLLO NETO, M.; CANUTO, S.A.; VENDRAMETTO, O. Comparative analysis of different meat traceability systems using multiple criteria and social network approaches. Engenharia Agrícola (Online), v. 32, p. 340-349, 2015.
  • ABDANAN, S.; NEVES, D. P.; NÄÄS, I.A.; Banhazi, T.; TSCHARKE, M. Image analysis method to evaluate beak and head motion of broiler chickens during feeding. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, v. 114, p. 88-95, 2015.
  • REIS, J. G. M.; MACHADO, S. T.; SANTOS, R. C.; NÄÄS, I.A.; OLIVEIRA, R. V. Engenharia Agrícola (Impresso), v. 35, p. 163-170, 2015.
  • LIMA, N. D. S.; GARCIA, R. G.; NÄÄS, I.A; CALDARA, FABIANA R.; PONSO, R. Model predicted ammonia emission from two broiler houses with different rearing systems. Scientia Agricola (USP. Impresso), v. 72, p. 393-399, 2015.
  • MOI, M.; NÄÄS, I.A; CALDARA, F. R.; ALMEIDA PAZ, I. C. L.; GARCIA, R. G.; CORDEIRO, A. F. S.; SENO, L. O. Vocalization as a welfare indicative for pigs subject to stress situations. Arquivo Brasileiro de Medicina Veterinária e Zootecnia, v. 67, p. 837-845, 2015.
  • PEREIRA, E. M.; NÄÄS, I.A.; GARCIA, R. G.. Vocalization of broilers can be used to identify their sex and genetic strain. Engenharia Agrícola (Online), v. 35, p. 192-196, 2015.
  • BORILLE R; GARCIA, R. G.; NÄÄS, I.A; CALDARA, F. R.; SANTANA, M. R. A monochromatic light-emitting diode (LED) source in layers hens during the second production cycle. Revista Brasileira de Engenharia Agrícola e Ambiental (Impresso), v. 19, p. 877-881, 2015.
  • NEVES, D. P.; MEHDIZADEH, S. A.; TSCHARKE, M.; NÄÄS, I.A.; BANHAZI, T. M. Detection of flock movement and behaviour of broiler chickens at different feeders using image analysis. Information Processing in Agriculture, v. 2, p. 10.1016/j.inpa.-16, 2015.
  • CALDARA, F. R.; SANTOS, L. S.; MACHADO, S. T. NÄÄS, I.A.; FOPPA, L.; GARCIA, R. G.; SANTOS, R. K. S. Piglets surface temperature change at different weights at birth. Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences (Print), v. 27, p. 431-438, 2014.
  • RIBEIRO CALDARA, F.; GARCIA, R. G.; ALMEIDA PAZ, I.C.L.; NÄÄS, I.A; SANTOS, K. S. R.; FOPPA, L. Assessing the most suitable floor system for growing-finishing piggery under tropical conditions using the analytic hierarchy process. Italian Journal of Animal Science (Online), v. 13, p. 136-141, 2014.
  • LIMA, K.A. O.; NÄÄS, I.A; GARCIA, R. G.; BORILLE, R.; CALDARA, F. R. Impact of different light sources on broiler rearing environment. Engenharia Agrícola (Impresso), v. 34, p. 428-434, 2014.
  • NÄÄS, I.A; ROMANINI, C.E. B.; SALGADO, D. D.; LIMA, K A O; VALE, M. M.; LABIGALINI, M R; SOUZA, S. R. L.; MENEZES, A. G.; MOURA, D. J. Impact of global warming on beef cattle production cost in Brazil. Scientia Agrícola (USP. Impresso), v. 67, p. 1-8, 2010.