Frequently Asked Questions

What is CIGR?

CIGR is as an international, non-governmental, non-profit organization regrouping, as a networking system, regional and national societies of agricultural and biological engineering as well as private and public companies and individuals all over the world.

How do I join CIGR?

If you belong to an association that is a CIGR member you are automatically a member of CIGR.

If a national or regional association to which you can become a member of does not exist, you can apply for individual membership.  Individual membership is approved only for qualified individuals.

Who are the current CIGR members?

A complete list of CIGR member organizations can be found at "Who We Are"

What are the benefits of membership?

CIGR members are integrated into a global network of agricultural and biological engineers and associated professionals.  These professionals meet regularly at international congresses and meetings to present and learn about new developments in the discipline, discuss standards and develop strategies to benefit stakeholders of engineering work.  In addition, members have access to and are encouraged to publish in CIGR’s electronic journal, as well as to contribute to monographs and high level engineering reports.

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