CIGR Handbook of Agricultural Engineering

The CIGR handbook is a comprehensive collection of agricultural engineering reference material to the data of publication. More than 190 authors from around the world. Six volumes - over 2,900 total pages. This handbook series is designed to help engineers and others involved in agricultural technology.

It is strongly recommended that the CIGR Journal and other literature be consulted for developments beyond the Handbook's date of publication.

Description of Contents

The handbook is composed of the following six volumes:

  • Vol. I: Land and Water Engineering 1999 (click here)
  • Vol. II: Animal Production and Aquacultural Engineering 1999 (click here)
  • Vol. III: Plant Production Engineering 1999 (click here)
  • Vol. IV: Agro Processing Engineering 1999 (click here)
  • Vol. V: Energy and Biomass Engineering 1999 (click here)
  • Vol. VI: Information Technology 2006 (click here)¬†Turkish version 2015 (click here)
  • Vol VII:¬†Non-food Biological Materials Engineering 2021 (available chapters). If you are interested in submitting a chapter follow this link.

The material contained in this comprehensive six-volume handbook series provides a basic reference as well as coverage of emerging technologies. Those who initiated the development of the series recognized that professionals in both developing and developed countries would need access to this type of important information to successfully meet world food and feedstock needs. The International Commission of Agricultural Engineering (CIGR) initiated the project with the goal of producing a comprehensive and up-to-date handbook. The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (CIGR member society) was asked to publish and distribute this outstanding collection of technical information.

More than 190 authors from around the world collaborated to produce this comprehensive work. Many other experts participated in a comprehensive review of the material. These authors and reviewers have made an outstanding contribution to world agriculture, helping to ensure that increasing demands for food and feedstock will be met. This collection is available in both CD-ROM and individual hardbound book format. A complete six-volume set of books is offered at a significant discount off the individual book price. See the order form for complete details.