Xiwen Luo


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Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education of China for Key Technologies for Agricultural Machinery and Equipment for Southern China, South China


Academician Xiwen Luo is amongst the most
senior and respected professionals in China. He is
a most distinguished contributor to the agricultural
and biosystems profession nationally and
internationally. His impact on the development of
agricultural machinery resulted in significant rice
production improvements that contributed to food
security in China and other countries.
Prof. Luo served in high level positions in
higher education in addition to providing leadership
to research institutions and the profession. Starting
in 1982 he served as a Professor, Dean of the
College of Engineering, and Vice-president at the
South China Agricultural University. In 2009 he
was elected as the Academician of the Chinese
Academy of Engineering, an honor reserved for few
individuals that made outstanding contributions in
their field. In addition to his academic work, he
served in the governance of numerous professional
associations as member of the board of directors,
Vice-president, and President, including CSAE and
CSAM. Prof. Luo received many awards and
recognitions for his research and teaching programs

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